Light The Sky Fireworks is a Professional Fireworks Display Company based in Essex


We provide professional firework displays nationwide for councils, events, concerts, weddings, and much more!


We use some of the finest pyrotechnic materials available in the UK and fire using Electronic Firing Systems meaning your show will be awesome!


We spend hours of time finding the best effects and firework materials to use in our displays. We always consider any special requests that clients may have including colours or the use of low loise fireworks.


Our understanding of the products we use and most of all our client's needs transforms our thinking and enable us to create stunning visual effects that genuinely will take your breath away.


Customer satisfaction is our priority at Light The Sky Fireworks. We cover a wide range of pyrotechnic disciplines, but there is only one aim and that is to provide stunning displays for our clients.


Light The Sky Fireworks are members of and trained by Illuminate Consult and all our firers are trained to the highest standard.